MLK Jr. Recognitions

Martin Luther King Jr. Awards and Recognition :The Man who Brought Social reforms In America.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a bright boy and great scholar. His inclination towards leadership and morality started off when he was graduating from Boston University. He also met Howard Thurman- the great educator and theologian who was a mentor of King. During his short life, Martin Luther King Jr got many accolades and awards for his work for the society.

The Noble Peace Prize

Martin Luther King Jr. awards and recognitions have always been held high with him winning the Noble Peace Prize in the year 1964. The other awards he was presented with were- the 1966 prize by the Jewish committee – the American Liberties Medallion, for his exceptional work for the human liberty.  The same year he was given the Margaret Sanger Award for his lifelong dedication and commitment of advancement of social justice and human dignity. This ward was given by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

He was also awarded the John. F. Kennedy award from the Catholic interracial council of Chicago in 1964. It was because of his fight for the rights of black, that he got various awards and such high name in the society and the world. He was listed as one of the most outstanding personalities by the Time magazine in the year 1957.


Martin Luther King Jr. awards and recognition lists his achievements as a scholar, activists, leader and somebody who strongly demanded human rights for all. He also got the Marcus Grave Prize, for human rights by the Jamaican government in 1968. According to a Gallup poll he is the second most admired personality of the century. The magazines, newspapers all praised him for his courageous action. In 1957, he got the Russwurm award by the national newspaper publisher. Even after his assassination, he was elected the third of the greatest American contest by AOL and Discovery channel.

His name needs no introduction in United States, as more than 730 cities have the streets named on him. The City of Washington, rededicated its name king county in the year 1986. The Pennsylvania city government center is named in the honor of King. Martin Luther King Jr. Awards and Recognition involves him being remembered as a martyr by the Episcopal Church in United States, which celebrates the feast day as April 4. And the Evangelical Lutheran Church In America also recognizes him as a great humanitarian and celebrates the feast day as his birthday – January the 15th.

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