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Martin Luther King, Jr. – Awards given for his efforts

Martin Luther King, Jr. was the person who has spent his whole life in struggling for Civil Rights of black people. He was of the view that the objective of any protest can be better achieved through peaceful means rather than shedding blood of people. For this purpose he implemented wide range of peaceful mechanism in order to acquire the objective of throwing discrimination and unfair treatment out of the whole world.

According to him every human being is son or daughter of god, having same colour of blood, eyes, nose, other basic parts of the body and if god has not made any difference in making them then why do people have made their illogical rules differentiating different sectors of society. This thinking and people practicing these habits forced him to enter into the world and bring revolution in the area of discrimination. He wanted to bring a spirit of brotherhood and love in the heart of people living in all parts of the world.

His Achievements

He received large number of awards for his continuous pains in this ambit. He was listed as top member in Who’s Who in America in 1957. He also received Spingarn Medal in 1957 for NAACP. National Newspaper awarded him with Russwurn Award in 1957 for his never ending dedication. The Guardian Association of the Police Department, New York honored him with the Second Annual Achievement. He was also named as Man of the Year by Time in 1963. He was also appraised through giving of John F Kennedy award from Catholic Interracial Council of Chicago in 1964. He was also give worldwide fame by providing him Nobel Peace Prize at a very young age due to which he became the youngest person of the world who has obtained such a reputed award in his life.

Posthumous Awards

His fanatical services in the field of Human Rights were given recognition even after his death and many awards or prizes were showered on him posthumously. Marcus Garvey Prize for Human Rights which was presented by Jamaican Government was awarded after he left this world. Similarly, Rosa L. Parks award was presented posthumously by Southern Leadership Council so that his work should not be ignored and should be appraised in order to build a spirit among people to undertake social services and realize the self satisfaction and benefit that people obtain by utilizing their life for other people.

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