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King standing on the balcony of his room at Motel Lorraine in Memphis, Tennessee.
King standing on the balcony of his room at Motel Lorraine in Memphis, Tennessee. April 4 1968 6.00 pm

Whenever while writing,reading or discussing about King Luther jr. one question erupts in everyone’s mind,is

Who killed Martin Luther King? Why he was assassinated?

well below is brief event wise descriptions and conclusions regarding his death.

On April 4, 1968 At 6:01 p.m. in evening , While King was standing on the balcony of his room number 306 at Motel Lorraine in Memphis, Tennessee.

A 0.30- caliber rifle bullet came from nowhere near 200 feet and penetrated King’s right cheek,The shot resulted fatal.King’s neck broke and its jugular vein got severely ruptured thereby passing through his neck and ending in shoulder.King was immediately rushed for intensive Medical Aid in nearby St.Joseph’s Hospital.

Despite tremendous efforts by doctors, After an hour at 7:05 p.m on same day.the 39-year-old pastor was declared dead.

Violence Thereafter.

King’s Death turned outrageous the black citizens of America and all his followers gathersed in masses on streets and riots were devastated all over the country.

Controversy Followed : FBI’s Role in king’s case

Even though the crime was thoroughly investigated by FBI, but many believed them responsible either partially or fully for king’s assassination. J. Edgar Hoover an FBI personnel undertook king’s assassination case to find the culprits

FBI Findings regarding martin Luther king

1. Freedom of information & privacy acts Sub: Martin Luther King Jr.

2. A record on the king’s assassination can be found on National Archives

3. Wikipedia : Assassination_of_Martin_Luther_King,_Jr.FBI_investigation


King’s Killer-James Earl Ray : An overview

James Earl Ray (March 10, 1928 – April 23, 1998) was an American criminal convicted of the assassination of civil rights and anti-war activist Martin Luther King
James Earl Ray (March 10, 1928 – April 23, 1998) an American criminal convicted ofassassination of Martin Luther king Jr.

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An escaped convict named “James Earl Ray” who was among seven other convicts escaped from Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, Tennessee, on June 10, 1977 was held responsible for king’s assassination was arrested, but many people, including King’s family, considered him innocent.

Ray was arrested in London 2 months later and trialed in US Court.Despite admitting guilt and being convicted in March 1969, he later claimed himself innocent.Ray’s lawyer, William F. Pepper, even asked for new Ballistics test to prove that the gunshot wasn’t fired by him but the fingerprint forensic reports from king’s bathroom proved him guilty he was sentenced for 99 years (lifetime imprisonment) in Nashville prison.
Dr.King’s Killer James Earl Ray, died in Nashville aged 70

At the age of 70 Ray died in Columbia Nashville Memorial Hospital in Nashville on April 23, 1998, He was fighting severe hepatitis C and complications related to kidney disease,Later the autopsy report confirmed that he died of liver failure that was resulted due to hepatitis C.


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